5 Family Friendly Things to do at Lake Lewisville

Texas weather can be highly unreliable and extremely hot at times. When the weather is good, it’s important to take advantage of it. And, if you’re going to spend any time outdoors, it is ideal to be near water. Lake Lewisville is located north of Dallas and is over 29,000 acres of unique and fun activities either on or around the lake. This can be perfect for a family friendly outing, a group of friends catching up, or even co-workers escaping the office.

1. Camping

There are quite a few options of campgrounds where you can set up your RV, camping trailer, or just good-old-fashioned tents and spend some quality time in the great outdoors. Making hotdogs and s’mores over the fire, star-gazing, and telling scary stories are all must have experiences when camping. Camping opens up the doors to truly participate in all the activities on and around the lake, without ever having to leave it.

Lake Ray Roberts Boat Rentals2. Fishing

If you and your group would rather not spend a whole night, or several nights on the lake, these other activities may be better options. The fish in Lake Lewisville are predominantly largemouth bass, spotted bass, white striped bass, hybrid striped bass, white crappie, blue catfish, and channel catfish. There is also a variety of fishing guide services located on the lake, as well as options to fish from a barge.

3. Parks

The numerous parks around the lake share some similarities with the campgrounds, although some will not charge you a fee if you walk or ride your bike into the park. This can be a great alternative to actually camping, because it provides all the activities of camping without actually have to set up a tent. There is a variety of boat ramps, picnic areas, hiking trails, and swimming areas to choose from.

FLO_1830-20a4. Golf

Perhaps you would rather enjoy the breeze coming off the lake while you play a round of golf. If so, there are four golf courses either on the actual lake, or very near to it. This allows for variety in the actual courses, and gives you options to choose the course that offers what you and your group need to have a successful event.

5. Boating

Not only are there boat ramps if you would like to bring your own boat, but there are also storage facilities for your boat if you plan on going to Lake Lewisville often. Rentals are also available whether it be a speed boat, kayak, pontoon, fishing, ski boat, or so on. There are also public boating events which allow minimal planning or responsibility when it comes to actually sailing a boat or planning a meal or activities.

Whatever your group loves to do outdoors, there are many great options at Lake Lewisville. And the good thing is, you are never limited to one park or golf course, there are a variety of places all in the same area with different features and activities. It is only a matter of finding the right place for you and your group to have the perfect lake experience.

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