5 of the Best Birthday Ideas for Adults

Have you ever had to plan a birthday for an adult? Or trying to plan your own birthday? It can be tough, especially since grown-ups tend to be so… well, grown-up. Here are five birthday ideas for adults to really spice things up for a birthday party to remember.

Go to the bar for your birthday5. Hit the Local Taps

It may be difficult to hear, but Chuck E. Cheese is not always a valid option for a birthday party – especially for adults. This year, celebrate your birthday in style with a groups of friends at a local watering hole or vineyard. Texas is known for some killer breweries, but Texas also houses some fantastic wineries. So get out of the house and go sample the local flavors!



4. Light a Fire

Now, pubs are not for everyone, but everyone enjoys a good backyard fire. If you want a birthday idea that doesn’t involve bar tabs and taxi fares, consider loading some hardwood into the fire pit and let it burn. To take the party to the next level, fire up the grill and have neighbors and friends BYOM – bring your own meat. Good food and good flames make for memorable nights.

3. Karaoke, Anyone?

Getting tired of spectator sports? If you’re tired of watching others have fun, try something new this year! Nothing says party like rocking out on stage to your favorite song. Take a risk, and do something different at one of these fine establishments. Get lost in the game, and turn this birthday up to 11.

2. Take a Day OffTake the day off on your birthday

Who likes to work on a birthday? Take a day off this year, and soak in the free time. The beauty of a day off is the complete freedom to do anything. Take a trip across the state, plan a long weekend, or spend the day in pajamas. There are no bad choices on a free day.


Try boating for your next birthday party

1. Get to the Water

There’s a line in an old Garth Brooks song – “science has proved/ that heartaches are healed by the sea.” Well, it’s happened. A study from across the pond has shown that the water positively impacts mental health and well-being. So maybe this year you need to head to the lake. Grab your family and friends, a cooler, and get out on the boat. BigDCats offers private or public boat rides around Lake Lewisville or Lake Ray Hubbard!





Getting older can be a lot of fun! Choose from these 5 birthday ideas for adults and enjoy a party that all your guests will love, and that you’ll remember for years to come.


Whether you are looking to enjoy a quiet day or blast your favorite music, BigDCats can help! Choose from the Chamonix II on Lake Lewisville or our two other boats located on Lake Ray Hubbard for your next birthday bash. Have questions? Give us a call today!

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