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Little Toot was designed and built in Kentucky by Thoroughbred Houseboats specifically for BigDCats and Lake Ray Hubbard. After hosting events for 10 years on the Chamonix II, we designed her with your parties in mind. Little Toot’s 60 foot yacht design is unique in that is can accommodate daytime swimming events and elegant evening dinner and dancing  cruises.

Little Toot’s bar area, dance floor, Handicap accessible restroom and amenities make her a great choice for company picnics, corporate team building events and client appreciation sunset dinner cruises. Little Toot is designed to host a variety of events including private parties and weddings too!

Little Toot is brand new and waiting for you.  Born in 2016 and arrived in TX May 20, 2016  (see photo gallery below)

“Fun, Memorable and Unique experiences on the water”

Little Toot Design and Amenities

  • Capacity – Little Toot can accommodate up to 80 passengers!
  • Bar Area – Large walk up bar accommodates all types of functions
  • Display/Buffet – a nice area in near the stern to set up buffet tables for your salads, chafing dishes and desserts
  • Tables and Chairs – plenty of tables and chairs that can be arranged to your liking under our shade canopy, then removed after your dinner for dancing, games and fun.
  • Dance Floor – accommodates your entire group with seating on each side of the boat for the wall flowers
  • Restrooms – 2 restrooms with push button flush and sink.   1 is handicap accessible

Water Slide and boarding ladder: Full slide for water play and easy boarding ladder off the back of the boat.

Sunbathing: the front of Little Toot is open to the sun for sun bathing and relaxing

Shade and Canopy enclosures:  Little Toot has a fixed canopy over the middle of the boat for shade and relaxation. We can enclose and keep you warm on Little Toot with specially made enclosures for your fall and winter parties.


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