Teen Birthday Blast on Lake Lewisville

Ever wonder how to impress your teen  and all their friends with a birthday to remember?Teen birthday party

You might not think of February as being the best time to be on the water, but think again!   This past weekend in Dallas we saw temperatures over 70 degrees and the sunshine was a warm welcome relief to the past month of cold.  This was definitely a teen birthday party that was fun, relaxing, and memorable…. in a good way!

Your teen would be proud to invite guests to a birthday bash on a private yacht.   What a great way to keep everyone together, within sight, protected and safe.

Teen Party

Whether partying to music with dancing and singing or relaxing on the bow under a toasty blanket, these teens had a blast and will always remember the birthday party on the lake.   Mom brought candy and snacks for the group, decorated with balloons and glow sticks and the birthday girl provided her own playlist to dance to.Feb 1.1



The Chamonix at BigDCats can host up to 50 comfortably in the winter and keep you warm and happy while we sail around the lake for your teen birthday, bar mitzvah, family reunion, wedding, wedding rehearsal dinner, reception or corporate event.

Raising the sail on the Chamonix always gets guests out of their chairs and up on the roof to help the crew.   Don’t want to help?   You don’t have to!   We do all the work, from supplying soft drinks, juice, water, cups and ice, to performing all the clean up.  You just show up with guests and food and the party is on!
Feb 1

Click here to watch Teen Birthday Party dancing on the Chamonix II video.

We’d love to host your next event.   Call Capt Mike or Gina at 214-705-3772 and reserve your date and time today.   In summer months you can hit golf balls off the back of the boat, target practice with our floating target or we can stop to swim at our favorite cove and your guests can jump, backflip and slide their way into cool refreshing water.


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