Kudos to You and Your Crew Captain Mike for the awesome way that you guy’s took care of my family and friends over the holiday weekend, it was a beautiful evening full of fun and laughter, good food and music and most importantly Great association. Everyone was well pleased and had so much fun, you and your team delivered and exceeded our expectations, and we really enjoyed spending such a lovely evening with you all, we’re so looking forward to the very next event. Please let everyone know that they did a great job and we appreciated their services, you have a remarkable team.

Mrs. Lett

Thank you so much, everyone had an amazing time!!! The sunset was beautiful, and the dual rainbow was cherry on top!!!

Erum Kahn

Erum Kahn

My name is Kimberly Province, my husband and I would like to thank you for a beautiful reception boat ride.  It was the perfect nightcap for a wonderful day and the weather turned out the be just right for a hot summer in Texas.  Very friendly staff who made it all run smoothly.  I just wanted to send you a personal thank you.  All of our family and friends enjoyed themselves and have even spoke of planning future events with you.  I hope we have recruited some huge fans of the boat as we are.  Have a wonderful night or morning, whenever you receive this. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Thank You,

Kimberly Province

Thanks for your phone call this morning.  The event went great last night.  Everyone had a really good time.  The blackjack table was a big hit!  We could easily have had two full the whole time.

The photographer [Gina] recommended was fabulous.  She took pictures and printed them onsite for each person to leave with.  It added a very personal touch.  Our guests told us many times they loved being on the water.  For a little while, you forget that you are even in Dallas.  It was amazing how quickly it went by.  It seemed like it was 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Thanks to you and your team for helping us create a unique event and lasting memory for our clients.  We appreciate you.  Please pass along to Captain Mike as well.

All the best,

Crystal Arredondo, MBA, Partner

Retirement Planning Specialist

Crystal Arredondo - Impact Financial Group

We had my son’s wedding on [Harbor Lights] this past May and my own wedding on it May last year…..Both turned out awesome and the guests were so excited and pleased about attending a unique wedding such as this.  I have had so many people thank me for inviting them to both of these weddings and they expressed how much fun they had and they loved the idea.
Have a blessed day.
Shirley Thompson

Shirley Thompson

I just wanted to Thank You and your team for the awesome way you took care of my Family and Friends, everyone had so much fun, the Captain and his helpers were great, the bartender exceptional and fun, the atmosphere festive; you and your team delivered and exceeded my expectations, I enjoyed working with you all.

Please let everyone know that they did a great job and I appreciated their service, you have a remarkable team. I will never forget this, you and Little Toot made my husband’s 60th Birthday something special to remember. I still have people talking about how much fun they had!

Anita Turner

My group had tons of fun on the beautiful boat on Friday!  Captain Mike and the whole crew were great and everyone had a blast.  We will definitely be back for more fun in the future!  Thanks for all your help!

p.s. The catering turned out great.  I highly recommend II Brothers for your guests in the future!

Elaine Warnecke - Capital One, Home Loans Division


I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy! Thank you Captain Mike for responding to my initial inquiry.  I appreciate your prompt responses via text.  I was excited about the idea of chartering a boat to celebrate my mother and Pastor of our church in Fort Worth, Tx.  This 70th Birthday event was awesome and it will never be forgotten!  The changes were uncomfortable because I didn’t know what to expect.  But looking back it was all necessary to make this day as special as it was and the way God wanted. 🙂  The boat is Lovely! We had plenty of room. JOY is a doll and we all love her! The entire crew made this event flow as smoothly as possible and I have NO complaints!  Everyone and everything was great!  It was like sailing with life long friends. I had no worries at all. The weather was what it was, but it didn’t stop anything on our end.. The Capt. did an awesome job and we are so pleased.  We are all still talking about it and anticipating the pictures so that we can share with you all.

Joy mentioned the church coming and doing something one Sunday morning and the Pastor is considering it.  And we are ready whenever she is. LOL

There is so much I can say I’m trying to get it all out. To sum it all up! Everything was Great!

I highly recommend your services and look forward to using them again.

I pray many continued blessings to you and your staff at both locations.

Elisabeth Christopher - The Insurance Lady

I told everyone to get on your mailing list!  Thank you so much!  Captain Chris was great!  The crew was helpful & professional.  Event was a huge success & everyone loved it!

Maieve Gallup - Mortgage Family

Dear Michael,

You have blessed the students of Fort Worth Christian School with your wonderful donation to the FWC Auction. Because you gave, we were able to raise more than $102,000 for the excellent programs in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. This is the most money ever raised at an FWC Auction! We could not have done it without your most generous donation.

Your support is making a difference in the lives of 760 students attending the school!

Suzan Jenkins - Fort Worth Christian School