The Best Party Theme Ideas for Birthdays

party theme ideas for birthdaysOne of the hardest parts of throwing a birthday celebration is finding a perfect theme that fits your guest of honor. Once you’ve chosen the right theme, everything else easily falls into place, including unique decorations, delicious food, and fun activities.

To alleviate some of the stress of planning your party, we’ve put together some of the best party theme ideas for your next birthday bash:

Choose a Time Period

The possibilities are truly endless with this theme idea. Either choose the guest of honor’s favorite time period (Victorian, Medieval, Swinging ‘20’s, etc.), or use their birth year as inspiration. Just be sure if you use the birth year that they are okay with all the guests knowing when they were born!

Once you’ve decided on the time period, recreate it using decorations, fun costumes, foods, and activities. For example, if you were going to throw a toga party you could transform a space into ancient Greece by incorporating fake grape vines, ivy, statue busts, and lots of white and gold into the decor.  Ask guests to wear togas, and serve grapes, olives, hummus, and wine for refreshments.

Pick a Location

Another fun and simple theme is to pick the birthday girl or boy’s favorite vacation spot or a location that honors their heritage. This could be anywhere in the world, from Hawaii to Paris or Mexico. Once you’ve decided on the ideal location, recreate it using fun decor and the traditional foods of that location. You can even provide guests with grass skirts, sombreros, or whatever else is appropriate for the specific theme!

Solve a Murder Mystery

With a little bit of pre-planning, throwing a murder mystery party can be a memorable and unusual way to celebrate a birthday. You can choose to save some time by purchasing a murder mystery kit or, if you’re creative, write your own storyline and think up clues. The night can then be spent trying to solve the mystery which is a great way to get guests to mingle.

Base It on a Book or Movie

Is the birthday guest obsessed with Harry Potter? Or maybe they love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Whatever the case may be, selecting a book or movie to base the party on can be a great way to bring that person’s favorite text to life and give them a party to remember.

You could play the soundtrack of the movie to set the tone, ask guests to come dressed as their favorite character, and use the story to inspire your decor and food choices. The options are truly endless.

Use the Guest of Honor’s First Initial

Want a fun theme that truly honors the birthday person? Take the guest of honor’s first initial and dedicate the entire party to food, drinks, and activities that start with the same letter. If your guest happens to have a name that starts with an S, then you could serve sangrias, strawberries, scones, and sandwiches. Top it off by decorating the venue using silver and scarlet, and find some fun games and activities for your guests that also begin with the letter of choice.

No matter which of these party theme ideas you choose to help celebrate your guest of honor, it is sure to be fun and memorable. You can even go the extra mile and make it a surprise!

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